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Straight Hair Naturals Get Love Too!
Even though we envision natural hair as being kinky, there are natural women who choose to wear their hair straightened.  As a result, there is a growing controversy rather these women are choosing the “European Look” over the “Kinky Texture Look” and by choosing the latter, frowned upon by some in the Natural Hair Community. In my opinion, natural hair is natural hair, its relaxer free---straightened or kinky….. Some natural women just prefer having straight hair; this doesn’t always mean they don’t accept their hair in its kinky/curly texture. It’s all about educating ourselves and learning how to manage our kinks/coils without using harsh chemical relaxers. Essentially natural hair women should embrace any form of natural beauty and their natural sisters rather she straightened, loc’d or sport kinky/coils. As for me, I support natural women who choose to wear their hair straight based on “preference” not because of fear to wear kinky textured hair. We all have preferences based on our individuality and shouldn’t judge others who decide to do something naturally different with their hair, such as straightening.

Below are three beautiful natural hair women, who enjoy the diversity of wearing their hair straight. They have accepted their natural beauty and taken time to learn the importance of caring for their natural hair while straightened.

Meet Radio Personality  Fawn "Fantasee Blu" of Detroit Kiss 105.9

I have been wearing my hair natural for 14 years now!!! Seriously, cannot believe it's been that long. The funny thing is, when I moved to LA and found someone to style my hair, I was very surprised to learn that most of the stylists in LaLa Land encouraged their clients to go the natural way. In Los Angeles! Of all places, right??? Same thing I thought. Anyway, her name was Felecia and she worked at the shop around the corner from where I lived. Crazy, I still remember being terrified and hesitant when she suggested the change. At my first appointment at that!! Sitting in her chair, needless to say I was irritated! Until she swung me around, placed a hand held mirror in front of me all I could say was, "Wow!" hair was super gorgeous!!! The texture, the amount of body and shine, truthfully that first natural moment was the BEST my hair had looked in years (shame on my mom for giving me a perm at 8 yrs old)! But from that moment on, I didn't go back to the creamy crack! Although I'm #teamnatural, I straighten my hair just about every 3-4 weeks (depending on my outings of course). The key for me is NO hard presses! Also, during off salon weeks, (another great technique Felecia introduced me to 14 yrs ago) I like to pin curl my hair to maintain body. Another great trick I learned, wrap your hair in the opposite direction every other day for a week and you'll wake up looking as if you've just stepped out of the salon (that's if the scarf stays on your head overnight!).

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Chaquetta, A Gorgeous Diva & Elementary Teacher in Abu Dubai


I've been natural for 7 years now..... To keep my hair from being heat damage: I would NEVER put any extra heat on my hair once I left the shop until I went back 2 weeks later! Each night I pin curl my hair and tie it with a satin scarf! However, now that I live in another country I don't wear it straight as often as I use to. Instead of getting it straighten every 2 weeks I now only add heat every 2 months. I make sure to use natural oils on my wet hair to lock in the moisture so the extreme heat doesn't fry it. I always read the ingredients on my hair products! I look for alcohol (SD-Alcohol 40) because I know that would dry my hair out...

The Beautiful Dr. Danielle also an Educator in Abu Dubai


I have been natural for the past 11 years. Although I only wear my hair "straight" from time to time, I make sure I keep my ends clipped and get protein and deep conditioning treatments. To assist with preventing heat damage, I usually get my hair rolled and sit under the dryer instead of using a blow dryer. I also only straighten my hair once every two to three months. I make sure that I use a heat moisturizer that helps to prevent heat damage. 

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04/10/2013 9:10am

Taraji P. Henson and Oprah Winfrey are among this bunch. Nothing wrong with a straight natural!

Rhonda Johnson
04/10/2013 9:52am

One of the best things about being natural is the versatility. We can do anything with our hair, curly, straight, braided...whatever. We should be applauding every new or old or different way we decide to wear our hair. As long as it is healthy and we are happy. Do your thing natural girls!

04/10/2013 11:13am

Natural Hair is so beautiful and it is a blessing to wear your hair as you desire whether you are kinky or straight. I enjoy the best of both worlds and keep the health of hair in mind while styling.

11/08/2013 2:55pm

As a former straight natural I say you're still natural. HOWEVER, it is a big choice you're making. You can't straighten your hair weekly for a year & then decide one day you want to rock your curls. They won't be there LOL. So you must choose to be a straight natural, or a curly natural (who may straighten a couple times a year). No easy road here.

12/30/2013 7:39pm

eh, that's not technically true. depends on the hair, i guess, but with my hair i'd straightened it at least weekly for three years straight almost. when i cut off the maybe two or three inches of loose ends, people thought i'd gone from relaxed hair to natural, because my hair was still as curly as it had been pre-flat iron. my curl pattern had remained intact. technique makes all the difference.

11/12/2013 5:06am

I agree!!! I get tons of questions from straight naturals 'how do I get my natural curls back?" I tell them to use rods to form curls or BC.....

11/19/2013 8:00am

I don't know, my daughter is 14 and has worn her hair straight for the past 10 years. Originally I would have it pressed then we moved to flat ironing and now we get it silkened monthly. Her curls are still there. Her texture is probably a 3a b and c.

11/20/2013 5:05am

I would say hair texture and/or straightening technique does make a difference. I hear the titanium flat-iron is the best to use when straightening natural hair frequently. It decreases chances of loosing natural curls.


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